Intamixx - HTH London Heat Finalist

Finally after hours of listening through each mix the independent Judges have decided Intamixx to go forward into the final for the London HTH heat 2013. Tell one, tell all and lets make this a night to remember!
The 8 chosen DJ's will do their thing with baited breath to see who will win this fabulous competition and go through to the final to be in with a chance to win some of the amazing prizes up for grabs!
Including: A slot at WE LOVE SUNDAYS at the worlds number one club SPACE in IBIZA.
The final heat is held in London mid Feb and then the winner goes on to play a historic DJ set, being the first DJ to play the Houses of Commons terrace bar alongside an 'A' List DJ which will be on March 6th 2013.

For more information visit the Corsica Studio website and

Intamixx 2012 Mega Mix

DJ Mega Mix for 2012 produced by DJ Matt using Xwax (Linux), Jack-Rack, Ipad 2 midi controller, Technics 1210s, Serato Vinyls. Tracklisting for this mix can be found here.

Intamixx Old Skool Mix for 2011

Old Skool DJ Mix for 2011 produced by DJ MixxMaster Matt using Xwax, SooperLooper and Specimen on Linux. FREE Download! Check out for more mixes. Tracklisting for this mix can be found here.

Intamixx Linux Veejay B-Boy Demo

Not just content with Deejaying, here is an Intamixx demo of Veejaying on Linux!
Video/Audio samples and effects are triggered using a Midi Keyboard. Created using Xwax on turntables, Jack Audio, Veejay, Fluxus, Sooperlooper, Specimen and a Midi Keyboard. Veejay v1.5.4 and Fluxus running from APODIO8-RC5 live DVD (Ubuntu). Xwax, Sooperlooper and Specimen running on RHEL5.
Watch on YouTube

New Intamixx Radio Stream Web Address

MegaphoneAttention all listeners out there!... Due to massive demand on Intamixx Radio, we have recently upgraded our service to cater for more concurrent listeners and part of this change means that we have a NEW stream web address. This upgrade means we continue to broadcast the biggest and best tunes you want to hear 24/7. Point your devices to or you can continue to tune in via our very own IntaPlayer by clicking on the link at the top of this page.
The old stream address will no longer be available after a few weeks, so make sure you re-tune in time!
If you experience problems during this transition, please contact us. In the meantime, where-ever you are, enjoy listening!

Intamixx Radio UK New Website

Intamixx Radio is the freshest sounding Urban Radio Station for a new generation of listeners that demand diversity in music! Not forgetting our old skool music roots that made the station what it is now. Intamixx Radio is an on going pioneering venture and a portal to bringing you REAL music.
Listen & interact with world leading DJs playing the latest in R&B, Funky House, HipHop, Electro, Dance Music, 70s, 80s, 90s, Bollywood, Desi Beats, Arabic and Drum & Bass.
We also help in gaining exposure to new and upcoming multi-cultural artists so that they have a platform to showcase their talents. Our cross section of shows is proof of our dedication in bringing the very best in entertainment to you.
Our broadcasts also cover information for the hottest events, gigs & festivals happening around the UK and overseas.
The focus of the station is to help businesses and communities achieve their aims and objectives with stronger collaboration.
So spread the word to your family and friends - tune in & not miss out!

Some of the new features for the radio station include;

  • Increased amount of live shows broadcast
  • Greater variety of shows (80s, 90s, Chart to name just a few) with more presenters
  • Weekly scheduling of shows
  • Podcasts
  • Listener statistics measured weekly
  • RSS Feeds
  • Community News and Events

Intamixx on Xwax DVS

DJ MixxMaster Matt demostrates that the Xwax DVS (OpenSource Digital Vinyl System used at the radio station) is a responsive, versatile and feature packed system. Watch as he performs fast scratches along with realtime DSP effects with ultra low latency. Seeing is believing!
Intamixx on Xwax utilises the Jack Audio Server running on RedHat Linux 5. Jack-Rack provides realtime effects. Asus Xonar D1 PCI Soundcard & Onboard Intel HD Audio. RealTime Kernel 2.6.28. Technics 1210 decks, Vestax Mixer, Dell PC and Serato Vinyls. Xwax version shown is v0.8. For more info on setup contact at &

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