About Us

Intamixx Music Company (IMC) origins

Intamixx Music Company UK consists of three DJ's from London UK who have has been performing at live events across the world since 1989. During our time we have gained considerable skills in mixing music for a variety of audiences who would always comment on how well we did this, hence the word "Intamixx" was born. Along our journey we have won numerous national awards and accolades for our work in the music industry.
In 1996 our DJing talents allowed us to make the progression into the world of music production from which we successfully created and fused music in genres such as Electro, Bhangra, Drum&Bass, House and HipHop. Our tracks were an instant online hit with underground music sites such as Beatmaka.com and LastFM, where we attained number 1 chart positions in HipHop and House genres across two studio produced albums.
Our sister site (www.intamixx.co.uk) is based on our DJing, Roadshow and Remixing services and was created in 1997 from which it now attains over 33,000 page hits in Google. Using this site all web users could browse pictures and view videos of our performances over the internet along with being able to download our music.
We are one of the first DJing groups to adopt Open source technology within our live performances with our preferred platform of choice being RedHat Enterprise Linux 5. Under this reliable operating system we are avid users of Xwax, VLC, Xine, Audacious, Mixxx and QTracker to name just a few.

Intamixx Music Company Radio

In 2004 our next project was music broadcasting. We had already been regular presenters on other uk based asian radio Stations, and this gave us the desire to form our own Radio Station with a fresher outlook to the music played. Our intentions were to create a fully operational Urban Asian Radio Station which catered for the diverse music that listeners demand.
Music NoteOur trials for Intamixx Music Company Radio UK began and our live shows focused on broadcasting Bhangra and Bollyood music across the world. We were labelled as a 24/7 Desi Radio station mixing the present day asian hits in with the 'golden oldies' of bhangra music. Over the next few years we built up a fan base from around the world which currently stands at approximately 500 listeners per day. Our fun & dynamic presenting style ensured that we are at the for-front of the music scene as well as tackling the real subject matter affecting communities around the globe.
By 2008 we opened up our extensive music database to our listeners by allowing interactive online song requests to be relayed to the station by a simple web click. Our listeners now had fingertip access to a music library of over 10,000 songs! Again this proved a huge success and from this information we could compile and release our very own weekly topten chart. At this time we expanded the variety of shows broadcasted to include 70s, 80s, 90s, HipHop, R&B, Drum&Bass, Electro, Dance and Garage Music which meant our listener base increased significantly.
Intamixx Music Company Radio UK was started as there was a gap in the market for 24/7 multi genre music station with the emphasis placed on playing real music more of the time. Our listeners shape the way the station operates and have already helped evolve the station to what it is now. We believe that dealing with client feedback is a very important ingredient.


  • Finalist 2013 House The House Mixcloud Competition London Heat
  • Quarter Finalist 2012 BPM Gemini Freestyle DJ Competition (Birmingham)
  • FINALIST 2007 KISS Radio CKOne Ultimate DJ (London)
  • WINNER 2002 BBC Asian Network Mix Award (Birmingham)
  • Won 1996 UK Asian DJ Mixing Championships (Birmingham)
  • Won 4th Place 1993 UK Asian DJ Mixing Championships (London)

The Future

Our plans are to continue broadcasting the very best in music entertainment around the clock. The next steps are to reach an even wider audience and make the radio station more accessible through DAB digital radio / television, internet, and mobile phones. We have already made formal enquiries to Ofcom regarding our transition into the national infrastruture and will duly notify of any movements in this area through this website.

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